The first NFT Steyoyoke project launched on Foundation.

A limited collection of 10 unique Original NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain

Launched to mark the 10th anniversary of the record label, the “Ethereal Techno Keepers” is a collection of 10 bikers in a free spirited journey, set in the magical desert of the Steyoyoke Universe. Each biker is on their own transcendent journey, vinyl wheels spinning, beating to their own tune. Help them reach the haven where the Ethereal Techno Guru awaits, and a massive rave arises.

Steyoyoke NFT 01
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Steyoyoke NFT 02
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Steyoyoke NFT 03
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Steyoyoke NFT 04
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Steyoyoke NFT 05
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Steyoyoke NFT 06
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Steyoyoke NFT 07
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Steyoyoke NFT 08
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Steyoyoke NFT 09
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Steyoyoke NFT 10
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We are a small group of artists who run the Berlin-based Ethereal Techno record label. Since its conception in 2012, we’ve created, experimented and have always put the biggest effort to provide innovative, quality art. We want to help facilitate the growth of WEB3 space through the reach of our entertainment brand and out of existing traditional forms of entertainment. Our mission is to explore in the NFT space, make connections with the holders and reinvest the sales revenue in new WEB3 projects.

Dream with us, and ride with us!


Your Ethereal Techno Keeper will grant you exclusive access to utilities and unique experiences.

– A redeemable Merch Item

– Access to an exclusive private Discord channel with the Artist

– Live chat/call with the Artist

– Guest list for the next Steyoyoke 11th Anniversary in Berlin

– Free wav file of the extended version of the song

– Free high resolution jpg files of your own Ethereal Techno Keeper

Steyoyoke Ethereal Techno Keepers NFT T-Shirt


Created by Soul Button

Drawings created by Mitya Fenechkin

Animations made by Victor Pilawa

Music made by Darko Milosevic, Browncoat, Soul Button, Nick Devon, Haffenfold, Grammik, Monarke and MPathy



What are the Ethereal Techno Keepers?

Ethereal Techno Keepers is an exclusive collection of 10 original music NFTs living in the Ethereum blockchain. Owning an Ethereal Techno Keeper will give you exclusive access to utilities and unique experiences.

Why did Steyoyoke jump into a NFT project ?

As lovers of art, we want to explore the WEB3 space with the goal of expanding the community that we’ve already started on Discord. We want to gain knowledge and make connections between the NFT holders and the people behind the label. The Ethereal Techno Keepers is only the beginning of our journey. All sales revenue will be used to create new projects in this space. 

How can I buy an Ethereal Techno Keeper?

Starting on the first week of November, you can purchase your Steyoyoke NFT on the Foundation app.

How many items will be minted and when?

The first collection of 10 music NFTs will be minted in October 2022.

How were they created?

The collection was brought to life by reinventing the original Steyoyoke logo into 10 characters, created by Mitya Fenechkin and animated by Victor Pilawa. This collection was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label, therefore each character represents one year. The music of each NFT was created by one of the Steyoyoke artists. We will reveal which artist created the music for each specific NFT in December 2022.

How can I join the Steyoyoke community?

To engage with our team and get updates in real-time, you can join our community on Discord or via our social media channels on Twitter and Instagram.